Prescription Swim Goggles for Kids?

Pre-made prescription swim goggles for both adults and kids are available in all powers. The better sources carry styles that allow different powers in either eye.

You can also get prescription dive masks with pre-made lens installed The better masks allow different powers in either eye, and they are quick delivery for the guys who wait to the last minute before a scuba trip.

Of course, in combination with this, optical swim goggles are available for the people who need a prescription swim goggle with astigmatism correction. These goggles are sold to be taken to your Optician and have your exact prescription installed- It taskes longer for this goggle, but when the wonders of the ocean reef are displayed to you clearly- its really an enchanting moment-

I spoke to some mothers whose children were obviously using kids prescription swim goggles, and asked them what they thought were the benefits for using this product. There were three main benefits:

1. The very expensive childrens eyeglasses were not destroyed (i never thought of that)
2. Their child was much more confident in the water by seeing clearly, and
3. It gave a competitive advantage in watersports that were timed

With that information, I spoke to the dive mask people that were going on scuba trips. What do you think of prescription dive masks?

Good, Good, Good- were the answers- most of the trips were expensive and time consuming. It is a pleasure with your prescription in your mask, so that you spend less time adjusting equipment and more time in the water.

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